Our services

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Installation services

Ample Solar qualifies installers are committed to help our customers with a full service solution.We can also provide qualified technicians for installation of solar PV projects and after sales services on reasonable charges.

Complete Financial Analysis for your Business

Electric costs are increasing dramatically every year. See how solar can reduce your operating costs to save more each year. ASES provides you with a thorough site and financial payback analysis. Learn how to maximize your savings with a properly sized system and use rebates and incentives to cover a substantial portion of your costs. See for yourself how going solar will provide an immediate return on your investment.
Financial and Site Analysis. ASES will inspect your property with you and/or your building-maintenance supervisor. We will prepare an evaluation and proposal based on an analysis of your building’s energy needs, layout, location and construction.
Solar Power Proposal. ASES will prepare a solar power system recommendation for optimal solar power generation. You will receive an economic analysis based on your current and future energy generation needs. We can recommend financing options to maximize your investment strategies.

After Sales Service

Trained Employees

Our After sales service does not focus solely on a product’s technical ability to function, but also on customer satisfaction. Customer-oriented thinking is local to them. They can learn it, in the best cases, through further training. Our staff has been given theoretical knowledge of after sales management; practical experience in everyday life has provided them the best opportunity to learn customer-oriented thinking.

Customer Training

Many people today have expectations of solar technology that are often not possible to fulfill: a simple solar lamp is meant to not only additionally charge a mobile phone, but also supply a radio or even better yet, a small television with power.Most products used in daily life require no special explanation: their benefits and disadvantages are obvious. With solar facilities, it is different: only very few people have been able to gather experience with this technology or have observed from others, how it works. They do not know what care the product demands or when it has reached its limits. Thus, in addition to instructions for how to correctly charge the battery, customer training must also include how to care for and deal with the product as a whole.

Maintenance and Repair Services

Quick and reliable repair of technical deficiencies is a mark of quality of our business. ASES employees are in a position to offer such after sales service through the availability of replacement parts. Our Professional personnel an appropriately furnished repair workshop with replacement parts. We know that Customers don’t want to see that they are left alone with their technical problems.

Customer Loyalty as Goal

ASES considers loyalty as a Goal and wishes to develop strong and long lasting relationships with their clients. Only when solar technology fulfills customers’ expectations day in and day out, are they satisfied with their investment. And only then can an emotional bond to the supplier gradually develop. The customer bond then turns into customer loyalty. They know that they have a reliable partner with their supplier, someone who is capable of carrying out repairs and providing replacement parts.